Episode 9: Wrong Side of Town

Here it is, The FIRST of our very special episodes where we tackle a non-WWE Studios film. Our special guest for this journey, Frank Congilose, joins us to watch Rob Van Damn and Batista in the film Wrong Side of Town. Luckily Craig and Sean did not have to go to the wrong side of town to meet up with Frank to record this. Please join us while we all discuss the merits of having Ja Rule on the poster as well as if Birdman is actually in this movie or not. See you on the streets!

Episode 8: Inside Out

Craig and Sean are back with the most All-Star Cast there could possibly be for a WWE Studios movie. Parker Posey, Bruce Dern, Michael Cudlitz, and Michael Rapaport join HHH in 2011’s Inside Out. Will this one win over Craig’s heart as much as The Chaperone did? Find out this and more in our newest episode! Also at the end, Craig and Sean announce that the next two episodes are going to be VERY special!

Episode 5: Countdown

Dolph Ziggler & Kane team up this week to save a small Russian boy that has a bomb strapped to him and jeopardizes some unknown part of the city of Seattle. Will Dolph and his partner Julia Baker make it before time runs out or will Dolph end up losing out in the end, just like he does in his wrestling matches? Tune in this week with Craig & Sean as they discuss these topics and the merits of the Rusev, Lana, Dolph Ziggler, and Summer Rae love square.